Why we exist

We want to live in a just and inclusive society that is underpinned by a Good Economy – an economy that works for everyone.

An idea whose time has come

The Good Economy is an idea whose time has come. We witness this through growing activity in the fields of sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and impact investment.

The Good Economy is a humane model of capitalism focused on tackling global development challenges, including poverty and rising inequality. 

The Good Economy requires businesses and investors to collaborate with government, communities and civil society to ensure that good education, good jobs, good housing and good health care are accessible to all – nobody is left out or left behind. 

The Good Economy thrives on high dynamism and wide inclusion. Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism pervade all aspects of economic life.

How we work

The Good Economy vision guides our work and provides a common purpose for us and our clients.

Our work is based on fusing rigorous research, empirical observation and practical real-world experience. 

We are collaborative and open-minded, breaking down silos and facilitating partnerships across the private, public and social sectors.

We are good listeners; requiring a combination of emotional and rational sensibilities, enabling us to be heard and trusted in both the boardroom and local communities. 

We help clients to maximise their social purpose and unlock greater social value through their business and investment strategies.

What we do

        We act as a social impact advisor to investors, businesses, government and social purpose organisations.

        Impact Services

        The Good Economy offers a range of services to help clients integrate considerations about real-world impact into investment and business decision-making. We work with clients to help maximise their net positive impacts on people and planet.

        We approach impact measurement and management (IMM) as a means to an end – to drive learning and enhance impact. For TGE, IMM is about strategy, organisation and culture rather than a technocratic task of data reporting.

        • IMM Systems
        • We work with our clients to develop turnkey solutions spanning the full Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) cycle. Our aim is to help build our client’s capacity to integrate impact management considerations into their existing processes. Typical IMM systems would include developing clear impact objectives, “theories of change”, stakeholders maps, performance metrics, data collection plans, impact screening and due diligence processes.

        • Social Due Diligence

        Where a client is considering investing in a project, TGE is able to carry out an independent social due diligence. This process enables us to review the potential for positive impact, as well as the impact risks that may need to be mitigated against. TGE’s process relies on our ability to be an ‘honest’ broker. Our due diligence work typically includes site visits and in-depth, structured interviews with key stakeholders. Our due diligence reports provide clients with TGE’s opinion about the potential of a scheme or project to deliver sustainable impact. These reports can be used in internal decision-making.

        • Impact Assessment and Annual Reporting

        The Good Economy works with clients to review their overall approach to IMM, including existing strategies, processes and systems. We provide an independent assessment of the alignment between impact strategy and its implementation – alongside recommendations for improvement against industry good practice.

        We offer a formal verification exercise to demonstrate compliance with the IFC Operating Principles for Impact Management, which demonstrates whether an investor is an authentic ‘impact investor’. This is based on a set of transparent verification criteria to meet the requirement for signatories to have the alignment of its impact management systems with the principles independently verified.

        Strategy Consultancy

        We help organisational leaders develop strategies to increase their societal impact:

        • Research. We undertake market research and feasibility studies focused on understanding local needs and how to enhance the contribution of private business and finance to place-based, inclusive and sustainable development. 
        • Strategy.  We work with leadership teams to develop new strategies to enhance the contribution of business and finance to inclusive and sustainable development, including analysis, stakeholder mapping and strategy workshops to grapple with issues and explore new directions. 
        • Product Design. We help design impact investment funds, including blended finance vehicles that mobilise capital to achieve both financial returns and positive impact. 

          Our impact services are used by a diverse range of investor and business clients seeking to achieve societal impact including:


            Development finance institutions

            Mainstream asset managers

            Private equity firms

            Specialist impact investors


            Social enterprises and non-profit organisations

            For-profit social businesses

            Listed companies